objective chance


APRIL 25th 2019- MAY 24th 2019

Text by Clàudia Rius  (El Núvol)

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“When walking down the streets we constantly run into objects that have no apparent value. These are the engine of Anna Ill’s work (Vilanova i la Geltrú, 1990): abandoned materials such as pieces of wood, stone and discarded fabrics. Structures which have lost their practical and utilitarian functions, and that can be only brought back to significance if approached from a wider vantage point able to unveil the expressive potential hidden behind their inert bodies. This is what Ill does: transforming abandoned objects into pieces of subtle beauty that spreads from the outside to the inside, and questioning if it is just a coincidence that our eyes cannot turn away from materials that speak to us and draw our attention.“                                   




Siluetes urbanes

Siluetes urbanes

Amour fou I-II and Match III

Match I-II

Mirror Image

Inner curtain

Amour fou III

Amour fou IV (1).jpg

Amour Fou IV

Siluetes contigudes

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