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Exhibition at L&B Gallery, ARTNOU FESTIVAL (Barcelona)  28.06.2023-15.09.2023
Exhibition at 
Hotel Wittmore Barcelona (28.01.24-31.04.24)

The encounter with an object, a possible armour, is the starting point of this artistic project that seeks to explore the relationship between vulnerability and protection. Interested in the idea of the armour as an object of “isolation” of the surrounding world, and according to the body part it protects. The armour is therefore both a defence, a “transfiguration” of the body in which to question the relations between our body - such as the center and space of foreseeable control - and in relation to others - periphery and space of uncertain uncontrollability. The dichotomy between the interior-center- and the outside-periphery-is not so obvious in relation to each other and overstepping the boundaries of bodies when proximity and distances are shortened and we become vulnerable. The found object becomes a prelude, an introductory piece to a series of textile sculptures with which I seek a balance between vulnerability and protection from materials.


A(r)mour - Silueta

Metaphorically, the armour represents that wall we build around us to protect ourselves from the outside and from ourselves. In the video piece, I place the armour in front of the body through the repeated action of holding the armor in front of my body with a thread .With this visual exercise, I try to present the armour as an element that, although it always accompanies us, seeks a balance between vulnerability and protection, by appearing and disappearing. The idea is to create a space where body and armor coexist.


Embracing limits I-VI

This conceptual confrontation, between vulnerability and protection, is translated into a material confrontation, where I create dialogues in between new found objects and textiles. The “Embracing Limits” series is made up of found objects, made from hard and rigid materials, and fragile fabrics emerge from them. With this confrontation of materials I seek a harmony between the materials and a balance in which the materials can coexist. The fabrics are treated directly on the found objects using the bobbins lace technique.

The new encounter with two palm trees, allow me to think about two possible body armours. This time I’ve placed the body in direct confrontation - touching - the object in order to create a new interaction in between vulnerability - related to the body- and protection - relacted to the object of the armour-. The armours are dressing and undressing the body in order to reach a balance where the body can transit and cohabit with the armour.


Cuirassa I 


Ensemble I

Cuirassa II

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Ensemble II




Teixint horitzons

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