Committed to a multidisciplinary artistic research, I am concerned with the multi-layered boundaries defining the ‘insides’ and the ‘outsides’ that we constantly inhabit. 


In particular, I investigate the artistic representation of the different shades of the idea of intimacy. My conception of intimacy draws from Jacques Lacan’s idea of intimacy as “the most intimate that I am forced to not be able to recognise except outside”. He created the term extimacy in order “to escape the common raving about a psychism supposedly located in a bipartition between interior and exterior”. The term extimacy was redefined by Serge Tisseron as “the movement that repositions some elements of our intimate lives into the public domain so as to have a feedback as to their value.”


In my work found materials and everyday objects are rescued from the public domain and transformed, through different types of intervention, into representations of my most inner desires. Sometimes a story unfolds after an encounter. 


Inspired by André Breton, my creative process emphasises the idea of “hasard objectif” that “seeks to explain via a relation between natural or external necessity and human or internal necessity the occurrence of coincidences so startling that they seem as if they must reveal something.” 

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-MA Art and Space. Kingston University London (2015-2017)
-Modern and traditional decoration.  Erasmus École Boulle Paris (2014-15)
-Textile Art/Design. Escola Massana de Barcelona (2012-2015)
Solo exhibitions
Trait d'Union (Hectolitre) Bruxelles
L&B Contemporary Gallery (Barcelona)
Atelier 8, residency by JCE Biennale / Le Beffroi de Montrouge (Paris)
Gallery Sensei (London)
Group exhibitions
SALA D'ART JOVE 2020 /Art production award -Upcoming project "Objeculacions"

4 ARTISTS: with Maria Pratts, Nuria Orion and Meta Isaeus-Berlin for the Barcelona Gallery Weekend in L&B Gallery Barcelona (October)

JISER, Reflexions Mediterrànees. Exhibited at the Musée Safia Farhat in Centre d’Arts Vivants Radés Tunis (June-July)

<35ART:  Exhibited in Sala Parés (Barcelona) and FAC Greco2 (Madrid)
XXI BIENNAL D'ART CONTEMPORANI CATALÀ: Centre d’Art Maristany (Barcelona), Sala Fortuny (Reus), Tinglado1 (Tarragona),  Biblioteca Pública de Lleida, la Sala (Vilanova i la Geltrú) i a l’aula de Cultura Fòrum Berger Balaguer (Vilafranca del Penedès)
N.S.E.O: in collaboration with Joan Ill. Essenheimer Kunstevern, Mainz (Germany)
STUDIOLESS: Exhibition organised by Sandwich at Icheon Art Platform Seoul (South Korea)
WATER IS WET: Stanley Picker Gallery (London)
SACRIFICI: Art work selected for the Teatre Villaroel (Barcelona)
JCE Biennale 2015-2017 (JEUNE CRÉATION EUROPÉENNE): Exhibited in Le Beffroi de Montrouge (Paris, France), Museu de l’Empordà (Figueres, Spain), Spazio Culturale Antonio Ratti (Como, Italy), Kunstbygningen (Vrå, Denmark), Hala Stulecia (Wroclaw, Poland), Cēsis Brewey (Latvia) and Museu Cardoso De Souza (Amarante, Portugal)
CALL IT SWAN  /  THE FAKE SHOW: Organised by Pluszerocollective. Kingston University (London)
EXTIMACY: Organised by Pluszerocollective. Safe House 1 (London)
DIS-SIDERE: Front window for the exhibition “Prêt-à-porter 1958-2008”. Palau Robert (Barcelona)
DILO (EVOCO and ODAS 1.11): Performances in collaboration with Laura Pardo. Centro de Arte Mutuo (Barcelona)
Art Residencies
-HECTOLITRE, Bruxelles (July 2019)
–JISER,Tunisia (May and June 2019)
-PILOTENKUECHE,Leipzig Germany (April-July 2018)
-THE WHITE GIFT with SANDWICH,London (December 2017)
-JCE BIENNALE, Paris (November 2017-February 2018) 
SANDWICH, since 2016: Ongoing art collective. Recent shows: Tapas,

Gluten Free, HotPot, KitKat,AfterParty, The Mall and Art Platform (London and

Seoul). Workshops/Symposiums at Raven Row, Croydon Arts Shop, Ugly Duck

Warehouse and 4cose (London) Link

Online Press / Publications / Interviews
  • L’art que hem vist, gaudit i patit , El Punt d'Avui Link

  • Betevé: Artic “El Barcelona Gallery Weekend treu l’art contemporani al carrer” Link

  • CanalBlau:“La Sala de Vilanova mostra l’obra seleccionada per la Biennal d’Art Contemporani Català” Link

  • Interview for Jiser, Anna Ill BCN/TNS/ALG 2019 Link
  • La presse -Exposition « Entrelacés » au Musée Safia Farhat à Radès : De fils et d’aiguilles…- Tunisie Link 
  • Anna Ill, ARTSY Link
  • Anna Ill, tots els objectes que som de Clàudia Rius (El Núvol) Link
  • Galeria L&B Barcelona Link
  • L’artista que filava objectes de Clàudia Rius (El Núvol)  Link
  • XXI Biennal d’Art Contemporani Català: Collected press Link
  • XXI Biennal d’Art Contemporani Català per Màrius Domingo -Altacapa Link
  • Betevé: Artic 8tv " Art jove i emergent "(6′) Link
  • TV3 Telenoticies Cultura Link
  • TV2: Punts de vista (18’02’’) Link
  • JCE Biennalen – Kunstbygningen i Vra Link

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