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et Elissa devint Didon II


Solo exhibition
Centre Cultural la Mercè de Girona
Curated by Natàlia Chocarro
Organised by Fundació Vila Casas 2022


After been selected for a solo show in 2022, I had the opportunity to re-think a site-specific "et Elissa devint Didon I" made during 2019 in Cartage (Tunisia). The serie of three new pieces were first worked in London, and then placed and activated later around the columns of the Édifice des Colonnes in Carthage.

The pieces are three circular objects (a belt, a grindle and a machinery belt) oppressive, retaining and restraining objects. From the extremity of each object, a new fragile tissue is made and seeks to escape the limits of the objects. This textile contains no memory in contrast with the hardness of the meaning of the circular objects. The fabric is made with the technique of bobbins laces.

The pieces surround me, my body and columns are held back, suspended and creating a new meaning. Now, those pillars - columns - of an ideal of refuge, are like my body: vulnerable, destructible and ephemer.

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