attempt to disappear 


Virtual residency by

MAWA in partnership with Platform Centre  (Canada), AllArtNow (Sweden) and Jiser (Spain)

work in progress


Losing touch (video)

Selected for the Ten Little Indians 2020 Video Arte

MLAC (Museo Laboratorio di Arte Contemporanea) and Khlab  organised by Silvia Giambrone and Fabrizio Pizzuto.

 Upcoming online exhibition Art critic by Chiara Cottone

Link website MLAC

Link critic


Sandwich collaboration

Sandwich Collective in collaborating with The II Platform for their new project: From Bread to Cake​ link

Captura de pantalla 2020-08-16 a las 13.

Losing touch

Award Inund'art Premi ArtPertot 2020

5/11/20 - Casal Solleric, Mallorca

 Upcoming exhibition:

Maison de la catalanité, Perpignan (France) 



Fundació Vila Casas (October - January 2021)

"Art i Pandèmia a Catalunya: Càpsules de confinament"  link


how to disappear 

Award Sala Art Jove 2020 

Tutor: Sabel Gavaldón  (Gasworks, London)

12/08 Exhibition at Filet Space, London

25/11 Sala Art Jove Barcelona (November/January 2021)